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Fist of Fury

Smlm kan lora kat exhibition. Ni..jumpa satu chinaman...betul2 geram dengan org cam ni tau.

As usual la, kalo exhibition mesti la jaga booth. Dah la sejuk giler hall itu. Tetiba satu chinaman dtg ke meja lora, dan tanya ngan slang cina dia, " Where is this booth no. xxxx." Dengan sopan lora jwb, " Sori, I dun know where it is located." Ko tau ape dia jawab, "Wah, so bad ah!" perli dia. Angin dah naik kat kepala otak lora, senyum, "I'm sorry, I really dun know the place, maybe you can as the organizer office."

He gave me one funny look. Bodoh betul! Hello! Tak tgk nama booth ke? Kita pun exhibitor la. Kat luar exhibition hall. Mana la aku tahu! Nak cari reception bukan kat tempat sini. Situ la, Bongok! Tu la, lora rase nakk memekik kat dia.

Kalo nak tanya, tanya la baik2 tak perlu perli. Betul2 fuming smlm, rase nak bagi penumbuk  je kat muke dia. Dah la lora tension smlm. Byk benda kat otak lora yg tak dpt solve on the spot.

Nah, rase la ko di alam siber. Dus Dus!


Do or Do Not

When I love something or someone, I will pour my heart and soul. No matter what is the shape or sizes of that thing or how colourful is the personality, be it odd and straight, I see only I thing: LOVE in you or that THING.

That' show how loyal and truthful I can be.

But I couldn't accept continues or similiar problems within the same period time. I will feel sickening and will move away from whatever negative energy. This kind of commotion will make me sad and sick.

It is not because I want everything to be perfect in sight. I can accept imperfection. But continues of commotion just make me sick. That I will definitely let go of that person or something.

It happened before. She bites me back when I was being kind and helpful to her. Being there for her, tons of advise and being very patient with her tantrum. I just put a stop on that friendship.Three long years I have been suffering from her lousy attitude. And now, don't expect me to be the same person as before. Once bitten twice shy. I can't stand immature people. For God shake she was 34 when I walked out of her and permanently slamp her face behind my door. No more door opening for her or to anyone betrays my trust and kindness.

Yup. There is no such thing "in between" for me.

Moral of the story: Be thankful when someone is kind to you and accept of who you are. These people are rare in species. And do not take advantage of their kindness.One, twice, they will out on you.


Job Done Wonderfully!


I wish to congratulate our web team for doing such a wonderful job. And I thank you for your time and effort (I know some of you kena marah la balik lambat, tak cukup  tidor  tapi terpaksa gi kerja pada hari ahad and sneaking back hoping husband didn't know you're back in wee morning). Special thanks to Riana and Ann for coordinating all the photograhy session. And untuk pyro, yesss....ko nakal sangat.....wekeke..but thank you for gambar2 yang cantek sgt walaupun atas ni just a teaser ad...but i can imagine yang lain2  mesti gempak kan?

Anyway, thank you.


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