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Wah! Terlebih Sudah, Stacy (Frenz)! - Updated!

Ok...I don't have any intention to do this. But I really tak puas hati la. Malu aku! So, saje nak balas dendam. Ohhh...I am sporting...all for fun and jokes cum entertaining everyone. So what is the story that until put I Okfind as a top story and siap with 'make up'? Find out yourself.
TOP STORY: Okfind yang cute...Puas hati aku...dah balas dendam....wakakaka
 Image Remove after some plead from the main actor. :P Sorry dear, busy sangat sis ni.

Top story 2: Reen excused herself for toilet break. Suddenly she came back with a gulung of toilet paper. Riuh oooohhh....we teased and laughed and snapped picture of her wiping her feet with the tissue she brought back. Anyway, we also tumpang pakai la...hahaha

Ha...Reen and Toilet Paper in the Concert????
Ok..Back to the Wall's Cornetto Love Sparks Concert.I stayed at home whole afternoon to complete my house chores. My husband threaten me that if I did not complete them, grounded. Wah! me cepat2 and rajin2 clean the house, mop the floor, put clothes for laundry etc, etc...By 530pm, I was done with make up, clean and tidy baby-T which I abandon for a long time. Yea la, after married, my body went horizontal...huhuhu...Nevertheless, it still fit. Just smaller in size. Wah! What am I membebel ya? Confuse myself too...Ahaks!So, I stopped by Reen's place and plan for a lumber party after concert. Sorry, only girls ya. We left the Reen's place around 630pm and Ann F-One her small little blue Kelisa through the horrible traffic jam in KL with aftermath of rain. I was in total lost because I am not sure where was I and jalan yang mana satu Ann tembus until into pasar, pedestrian...then to the town and highway and finally reached Padang Merbuk safely. Phew!

Me, Myself and...Wall's Cornetto Love Sparks Concert
So, we masuk padang and saw a group of Stacy Frenz members. Some of them shy shy although we chat friendly in the chatroom and YM. Nevertheless, we were very santai. We thought the event going to start at 730pm. But the concert started at 9pm!!!!! Lapar kita semua orang! Myself, Reen and Ann were so hungry that we sanggup bayar ice-cream cost RM3.00 each! and Kos later told us he ate 3 sticks of ice-creams!! Hahaha...we became hungry wolf because all went without any meal or dinner.It was aftermath of rain the padang was in lumpur. I regretted wearing my kitty white heels. Anyway, after the concert we all took pictures of our shoes to proof that we were inthe concert and still stay to support Stacy! Alamak! Terlebih Sudah.Stacy performed after Dafi and Gita as ambassodor of Wall's Conertto for the opening and Mila next sang her first song. Then Stacy joined Mila for duet "Dancing Queen". I couldn't help myself but stood up and dance with Reen. Maklum la, this song was 70's disco..you got to dance along with it and my one of my favourites as well.Stacy then continued her performance and entertained us with "Aku Stacy" and "Makluk Tuhan Paling Seksi"! Wah! Love it. She is really a Dancing Queen. Young and Hip. Real and true to herself.

Proof of Puddle of Mud by the Power Puff Girls!

New friends of mine, Ann and Reen. The first time we met, we chat as if we know each other for a long time. Ann posed cutely for the candid camera of mine.
So, we stayed until 10pm after Estranged performance and Stacy Frenz got to move to another spot.Yup, another important event: EXCO Meeting.Before that, we met at the entrance and nicely riuh and huha the place by taking pictures with the banner Kos brought along for the concert. Kita semua pun terlebih jugak la...hahaha

We met at the right entrance of the concert. We were so excited after Stacy's performance that we took picture with the banner and continue to promote Stacy as Dancing Queen. Wah! Terlebih Sudah, Stacy Frenz!
For the sake of commitment, all exco turned up for the meeting. Well, what was the meeting all about? I wish I could tell you here, but as a secretary, I have keep my mouth zip and hold the information temporarily. Ooppsss. That's reminds me...I got to go...kena siap minutes..Kos will after me sooner or later...larikkkkkk....

Old Wine, New Bottle of Stacy Frenz's new line up Executive Committee.
One last sentence, the meeting finished around 1.30am with all of us bercengkam mata. But still riuh when we left the place. Some us stay ed back and have another round mamak session until 4am. Lumber party? All slept without a sound or single movement at all.


Hectic Week and Forward

Just want to update some of the 'drama' that I didn't manage to put up throughout the last week. I was kind of off balance between my office work, stacy frenz work and husband at home. All of sudden I realise I need the U Mobile in super urgency.

I have been waiting eagerly for U Mobile that I had negotiated with my hubby for months. Yeah, I need to negotiate with the financial controller of the house. Once I get the U Mobile then I can balance my house chores and Stacy Frenz work within the compound of my house. Suffering la without internet connection at home. And I hate wiring that's why I have never applied any streamyx till today.

So, how hectic was my schedule last week? Please read through...


My dad was in town since Thursday, I have yet to visit him due to busy schedule during the weekend. My dad merajuk so I have to meet him for dinner and spent a little bit of time with him in the evening. By the time I reached home it was already 12 midnight.


I was extremely pissed off with certain issue happened that day that I blasted my frustration in my blog entry. Dark mood clouded by rain and thunderstorm over my head the whole day. I really did not want to layan anyone. I surfed internet and spent sometimes with myself at Starbucks at my office building till 12 midnight again.


Although my mood was under the weather, I managed to pull it off by the time I met Stacy Frenz members. We had a great time at Nailis Ampang Point. My moodiness gone after I passed the posters to Ann and Shaofie. Seeing their happy faces made me went all mush mallow inside.

Shaofie & Ann held up their posters signed by Stacy last weekend.


I thought I could rest today and did some cooking for my husband, did some house chores (Kain dah bertimbun), and rest my brain since I have been out and came back late midnight. Then Kos SMS me. Darn. When job on calls I couldn't find any excuse to push it although I was exhausted. To please my husband I did offer to cook at home before I left for the gathering. But the office work was so much that by the time I left office was 7pm. So, I have to cancel my cooking session. Luckily my husband is an understanding person. Anyway, the gathering so happening that I was glad that I turned up for the show.


Actually, this week was the worst week in the office. I have to attend meetings, pending work reports and read reports that have been collected for the past few days. My lady boss was chasing me for the tasks that needed to be settled before she left for an important meeting with our President and Minister in Terengganu on Sunday. In fact this week onwards till mid July, my work schedule is going to be hectic because we are in the midst of preparing for the arrival of a German delegate for an important audition. After an exhaustive day, luckily my husband didn't ask me to cook.

This is my workstation. It was really messy and everything went upside down by end of the week.

So, I had my stickie to remind myself to do a major clean up by early this week.


I terlantar on my bed and slept almost the whole day. It was my second day of my 'sister visit'. I couldn't sit or stand for very long. The best position for me is to lied down and rest. Another day without cooking.


I managed to perform a few house chores. By evening, I met my friends in Starbucks with jolly mood.

I forsee I will be as hectic as hell for the coming week. Nevertheless, I feel I am living to the fullest of life. I just need to adjust a few 'angles' and everything should run smoothly as ever. So, have a nice week ahead!


Laughter, Bubbling, Teasing, Happening - Sign of Friendship Blooms in Stacy Frenz

Last night was fun and happening. :) Stacy was in better shape of health now. She appeared chattier than the last 2 times we saw her.

She was so ceria that she injected lighter and happier mood that jangkit the whole gin bang of us. The whole table constantly ruptured with laughter and bubbled with some excited pitches and teasing. Stacy Frenz chatted like as if we know each other for a long time. True facts, some of us met each other for the first time. Friendship does bloom among us. That is the purpose and existing of Stacy Frenz, isn’t it, Kos? :P

Unlike the previous gathering, this time around there was webcam. I am not too sure some of you can hear what Stacy said in front of the webcam or not. But she constantly made jokes or dropped lines that caused us burst into laughter. Her telatah are exactly like those in the diary. She is so cute! :D

So, as usual, savour yourself with the pictures. Credit all pictures to Reen, a blogger cum photographer. We seem depending on her ‘Nikki’ a lot. :)

Pssss....you know, it was another ad hoc gathering again...so some of us rushed to the gathering place after work..so..ahemm...ade yang tak mandi dan berbau busuk the whole day... :P

I didn't notice this picture until just now. I posed like a model for watch advertisement kannnn. Wakakaka..

Stacy was on the phone and her sister helped her to type a few lines.

Me and Kos. Actually...hmmm....I held up my arm to put a peace sign behind Kos's head. Tak nampak pulak...hehehe..that's the cheeky side of me..

Joe Klubbkidd was doing the setting for chatting at the other table. So, 'Nikki' focused and diam-diam snapped his picture from the side of the divider.

Oh! I love this picture the best! Cute sangat la Stacy's expression of Wah! Reen actually stood on the chair to give such an effect on the caption. Kudos to you, girl!

Stacy was also attacked by fanz through phones. A lot of wishes and 'I love you' from fans.

Stacy & her sister, Cherry made faces.What an expression!

For related story go to Joe Klubbkidd, Kos, Reen and Adrin. And also don't forget to visit us at Stacy Frenz blog. Some of them may yet to update their blog, so bear with them ya. Aiya, all kerja ma...but they are all dedicated AJK/volunteers who have sacrifice a lot of their personal time for Stacy FC and Stacy Frenz. So, if you have a chance to meet them, just say thank you and they will feel happy and appreciated, right?


Give a Little R.E.S.P.E.C.T!!!

Something happen recently that I almost blast my top.

I am a very patient person. If nothing touches my nerves I am as serene as the lake view portrayed in one of the Forrest Gump movie scenes. I may look strict but I can be very fun to be with if you know me longer.

Does this picture cooling your heart and mind? I am as peaceful as the picture portrayed if nothing triggers me.

What really gotten into my nerves was the word 'R.E.S.P.E.C.T'. I am very particular with these seven little alphabets because the spell of it carries a heavy substance reflecting a person's personality and attitude.

I do not care whether you are young or old you should respect everybody in accordance to a particular environment that you live in. My strong belief that even if you are younger than me but you are holding a position of a President, I will respect and support you as what you are. Even if you are just holding a junior position in a company, I will still respect you as an individual with a young mind. If you are on par with me, I will respect you as a colleague.

What I am trying to convey here is one should respect a person in a position of work. If you want to survive in any environment, be it your working place, among your circle of friends, at home with your family etc - no matter how friendly you can be, you should respect the other person's boundary.

What are my definition of 'respect'?

For me, 'Respect' means:

1) Always ask permission from the person if you meant to take something from him/her work

2) You do not bypass someone and not acknowledging him/her's present whether that person is young or old of age

3) You do not take credit from other people work

4) You do not back stab your supposed friends

5) You do not go 'back door' and talk bad about someone who supposedly your Superior. If you do this, you are actually playing dirty politics. Be a Politician if your intention is such.

6) You do not manipulate or trick other people mind

If other people noted that you are disrespecting your own convoy and continuing to play chameleon, sooner or later people will find out your intention and real characters.

You want someone to respect you? Earn it with dignity and integrity.

I am sharp in observation and I can read personality very well. So far my prediction of a situation and of a person's character, I am 90 percent accurate. I am leaving another 10 percent gap because I would not want to reveal further and respect the mind of that person.


Meeting Stacy Again!

Last Saturday, it was another ad hoc meeting with Stacy and her sister, Cherry without the Maestro guy. So, those who went and met up with Stacy were really enjoyed mingling with her.

When we met her, Stacy was still ill. Stacy Frenz frowned and concerned about her health condition. Stacy told us that she was about to recover but got ill again on Friday.

As much as we want to see Stacy success in her singing career as well as getting to know more people through various social networking or functions, she will need time adjusting herself for such a drastic change of environment. Adding to that, her busy schedule doesn't spare her from getting a full rest. Stacy, as we know in the AF diary, will not complain, refuse or throw tantrum to other people when she is sicked. She will abide almost all request professionally and remain friendly.

Speaking from my own experience, I was ill for the first three months in KL until I lost weight of 5kg. Reason being was that I need to get use to the change of environment and food. I believe Stacy is going through similar process. Added to her full schedule ahead, she has never seem to recover fully from her current condition.

Anyway, Stacy asked for cake and ice cream suddenly. I looked and smiled at her , "Ini memang manja sakit,kan. Masa kita sakit banyak benda kita tidak patut makan tapi tiba-tiba mau makan, kan?" She just laughed her head off and said "Ya".

Then Cherry got a slide of chocolate flavored ice cream cake for her. She managed to eat a quarter, then push it to Cham and Reen to finish the remaining. Wah! Untungnye Reen and Cham shared the same cake with Stacy.

So, Joe Lee Klubbkidd finally turned up to our meeting. A quick glimpse, I saw his black nails polished and well groomed. Then I looked at my own nails automatically and thought instantly, maybe I am not feminine enough. Hahahaha... :P

After some persuasion, Stacy agreed to go to clinic, accompanied by Cherry and Joe. Frankly speaking, we were all relieved. She needs antibiotic. Medicine alone is not good enough for her.

So, following are the pictures taken during the meeting session with Stacy. All pictures (mixtures) credited to Reen. More pic at Adrin webiste, sorry, 'malas' want to download. It took a lot of my waiting time. My camera was not working at the very last minutes,so, I got to depend on their camera caption. So, savour yourself with these pictures. And Stacy was especially 'manja' that afternoon.

Stacy was holding the doll, a gift from Reen, throughout the 2 hours with us

All of sudden Tanakwagu and Reen were targetting Stacy shoes. But I found it rather artistic.

This is the ice cream cake that I had.

Still holding the doll even though she was chatting with fans. It was an ad hoc meeting and we didn't announce the chatting with Stacy officially. So, she can chat at her own pace since the carpet is not as 'laju' as that night. So, those regular chatterz were so happy to see her online.

There is another picture similar to this. Somehow I like this one better because I like to see the candid look of Stacy.


Stacy Frenz Chatroom went Frenzy and My Wish Fulfilled!

Kos called me in the evening when I was still in the office. He asked me to pick up Stacy and bring her to Bangsar! My heart went wild in excitement. Oh my gosh! Stacy gonna sit in my car!!!I couldn't believe it.

It was only soon at 9.45pm, Kos called me to meet up at another place instead. He informed that Stacy was sicked and wouldn't want to travel far. Aahh...luck just not on myside. :(

So, there you go, the pictures shown below was where we met up with Stacy along with her sister, Cherry as her PA and the Maestro guy, Wan, who is in charge to take care of her that week, I guess.

So, this was the present prepared by Kos on behalf of Stacy Frenz. Guess what is inside?

As Stacy walked into the restaurant and was spotted wearing pink sweater, she immediately shook hands and say hi to everyone she met. She has never failed to give her inexpensive smile even though she was having fever that night. Stacy asked for Maggie Laksa Soup. Unfortunately, the restaurant only serves Maggie Curry Soup. Stacy didn't take her dinner because she didn't have the appetite to eat earlier on.

After she made herself comfortable, I am honored representing Stacy Frenz to present her the gift of Love. Wah! She was very happy.

While you guys were waiting for Stacy to be online, Stacy was awed to see the number of people waiting 'patiently'. The moment she tapped the keyboard, you guys attacked the chatroom like honey bees..like my baby-T..hehehe. The chatroom went frenzy and the carpet of Stacy Frenz Chatroom has never been so happening! I saw the Moderators of the night were shouting on top of their lungs and trying to control the overwhelming fans. Ganas la kamu ni! And kudos to the Moderators!

Oh ya! We did show Stacy the Stacy Frenz blog. Stacy likes it very much especially when she saw Stacy Frenz T-Shirts! She praised the creativity of the designs. She also visited Kos blog. Hmm...

This is the picture when Stacy and Toi were about to leave. Toi dropped by the restaurant. He is a nice and relax guy just like in the diary, very friendly and there is no cool air in him. Toi was sicked too and his face was paling off that night.

While we were happy to meet Stacy, we almost forgot to take pictures together with Stacy. Haha...

Despite being sick, Stacy still managed to put up a beautiful smile and posed cutely for the picture taking.

After they all left the restaurant, it was like someone snapped the fingers and I instantly woke up from the dreamland. It was then I realize I brought a magazine and 2 posters with intention to have Stacy sign on it and gave them to my two dedicated staff. I wanted to surprise them too. I was planning it in my head but gone when I saw Stacy. Frankly speaking, I was 'tersengih-sengih' the whole night long and couldn't remember what I did that night. Oh my gosh, all I could remember Stacy was there with us. She was in my wish list and fulfilled.

After seeing her in person, my opinion about her is still the same before meeting her last night. She is humble, mature, happy go lucky and strong determination. Male fans would puppy love and crazy about her; the girls would want to be her friend; the brother or sister status would want to protect her; the parents would want her to be their daughters. Yes, she is a Sunshine.

Well, we do hope to meet Stacy again in the near future, perhaps another meeting or event with a better venue as well as Stacy in healthy condition. Till then, she informed us that she was so busy until her schedule is full for the next 3 months, at least.

The day before meeting us, she was recording her new songs for her album. I guess it will be out soon!

So guys and girls, if you love Stacy buy her album in original copy ya!

Oh ya! Thank you, Andru, for the pictures, credit them to you. It was an important night and I forgot my camera too.


Ahhh…My Favourite Chocolate Price Gone Up! Starbucks & Nescafe..cut, cut, cut the cost away!

With the recent increase of petrol price, every other daily item seems to be having the chain reaction. One of the items price increased is chocolate.

I don’t eat chocolate often. But there are times I really crave for it particularly when my ‘sister’ visits me monthly. And I only eat certain brand and favour. Among the chocolates that I love is the Cadbury Black Forest. Only Black Forest.

Before the increment of the price, I could easily afford RM2.40 – Rm2.60 for a bar of chocolate depending on the stores that I visit. I limit myself to the small chocolate bar. Reason? If I got my hands on the big bar, I could finish it in one night. No jokes!

And tonight, I craved for it again I drove out to the nearest 7 Eleven store nearby my house just get my hand on it. To my surprise, the chocolate now cost me RM2.90. I wanted to complain but I couldn’t. All I could do was to walk straight to the counter and pay for it, and rushed out before I sulked in front of the counter girl.

The recent petrol price increase affected many people lifestyle including me. One of my lifestyle is patron Starbucks outlet almost every week. There are times I patron the outlet more than 3 days in week as I want to follow up my work or surfing net leisurely till midnight.

Now, I really feel the pinch. I have to cut down such luxury expenses this month onwards. As an alternative way to save cost, I am currently scouting at the current telco broadband in the market. Yet, I drag about it because I do enjoy sitting in the Starbucks outlet. I feel free not having trap myself in the house and not having to ‘layan’ my husband calling for help “dear, dear…where is my stocking…” while I am typing away. Grrrrrgh...often my ideas stop because of him. And yes, I am grumbling about him right now. Well, husband mah…I can’t ignore him right?

Another item that I may have to forgo is Nescafe. I can survive without having my breakfast in the morning but I couldn’t let go of my Nescafe. Every morning, I would stop by the sundry shop to buy a can of Nescafe. Last year, it cost me only RM1.60 or RM1.70 a can. Due to the increment of general dairy products, a can of Nescafe now cost me between RM1.80 to RM2.00. While I don’t mind paying for it this past few months but now I have to reconsider it. I might as well just do my own Nescafe at home and pack it to consume during the morning jam along MMR2.

Whatever it is, this sad scenario is just a beginning. Perhaps we should listen to Pak Lah to live life moderately. Or are we choosing the right government?


Stacy the Champ of AF6!

I hope is not too late to write about this. Anyway, Stacy is still hot in the market...:)

In the past seasons of AF, I would selectively choose the concert of the week. More often, I tuned out the TV when the singing and performance were totally out. Or I would just watch the final concert just to know who won the title of the Season. And yes, I have had never vote anyone during those seasons.

Stacy won my heart. I tumble upon the first concert of AF6 when she sang “No One” by original artist Alicia Keys. I thought, well, not bad. At least she didn’t sing off key or unpleasant to the ears of mine.

Subsequently, I miss the second concert. I didn’t bother to watch the video clip in youtube either.

Then, I watched the third concert with rock theme. Stacy was okay with “Pelesit Kota”, however, I was more impressed with Mama Rina performance. Mama Rina showmanship was superb. Period.

Again, I miss the following concert and straight way watched the fifth concert where it was Stacy’s best performance, “Makluk Tuhan Paling Seksi”. I was hooked and impressed by her. It ignited me to watch all her past performance. At that moment, it dawned to me that “Wow! She is a performer.” “Rela” was one of her best songs. Since the, I have been religiously following the entire AF6 concert until the final just to watch Stacy’s performance. And yes, I voted for her with my supposed allowance and claims.

Frankly, I have never heard “Makluk Tuhan Paling Seksi” before. I left the local entertainment since secondary school. I have been sticking to international music particularly those of American music. During my years, I can only remember Sheila Majid, Francisca Peter, Dato’ Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Jamal Abdillah, Emma, Alleycats and Allayarham Sudirman. Those were the good old voice like wine soothing your vine. The last local album I bought was Zainal Abidin “Hijau”. Since then I have stopped following the local music scene. Only Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza tattooed my heart all the way particularly her single “Cindai”.

Anyway, I was extremely happy that Stacy sang one of my all time favourite song “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. This song may not be very hard to sing. However, the way she sang in her own interpretation of emotion sent goose bump on me all the way.

I was very impressed with Stacy’s performance “Gembita Hidup Ini” although it wasn’t one of my favourites. Should you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will realize that this song required variation of emotion and Stacy did it excellently.

While she failed to delivery “Beat it” and was criticized. She didn’t meet the expectation of the judges. To me, her English was flawing. To her fans, her energy on the stage was, nevertheless, superb. At least, she didn’t mime the song! It was a classic song and for God sake it was MJ song! Her fans was stomaching in tight knots and cold sweating for her that week. Thank God, she got into final.

In the final concert, Stacy did it again. Since concert 6, her performance has been relatively stagnant. The final week I saw her elevated her performance particularly when she sang “Aku Stacy”. She brought out the character of the song excellently. Wow! I watched it over and over again youtube and I got addicted to it.

Stacy didn’t disappoint her fans and won the title Juara AF6. Everyone is relieved especially her fans. As for myself, I was practically jumping up and down in excitement in my own living hall. Very much later, I regretted not going to the concert itself. To certain, I tear because finally and finally representative of Sabah for AF won. And I tear, for once, after so many seasons of AF, someone like Stacy deserves to win the title.

While everyone is excited with her achievement, but for me, her journey as a singer and, not to mention as a great performer, has just begun.

In my opinion, she has just set a certain standard to the AF contestants for the next season. The selection is going to be tougher than before. Which mean to say, if Stacy can do it i.e. being a good student and taking every opportunity to learn from her ‘mentors’ to the max, why not the others?

Henceforth, the next upcoming ‘AF Stars’ are going to be challengers to Stacy as well as to those have established themselves as AF Stars.

Whatever it is, I wish Stacy all the best in her undertaking. Wish her good luck with many, many lucky stars fall on her while sailing her path in the music industry.

She is in one of my wish list: To meet her in person.

And for now, I am beginning to miss her already.


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