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Need more than 24/7

I know everyone could be waiting for my latest update upon returning from kk. And I really wish I have more than 24 hours, but that would be impossible. Hahaha...Allow me to handle some important matters that currently in my hand, then I will come to you and pay attention to you guys. Thank you for bearing with me.

C u soon. Thanks


Thank you, Stacy Frenz

First of all, I want to say thank you kepada semua yg buat belated birthday party for laura smlm. Very surprise tau. Mase tu, laura ingat nak habiskan meeting sebab kesuntukan mase. Time korang bawa keluar birthday kek, laura  tgh adjust emosi..hahaha...one part surpise, another part happy, then otak masih linger kat last coversation of the meeting, and then tgh pegang botol sarsi sbb nak isi minuman. Multiple thots and actions! Hahaha...thank you banyak2.

 Kek Laura...Mocha Cheese flavor...

Korang ni kan...btul2 pandai keep secret tau. Mmg tight lips! Sampai laura pun tak suspect langsung. Reen pun tak sangka kena 'kantoi' jugak. Hahaha...Having to meet you all through Stacy Frenz I am really happy. No regrets serving myself for the Stacy Frenz.Skrg I think balik what happen last nite, I can not imagine leaving the group. huuuaaahhh...emo pulak..hahaha...coverline sikit....can I say I am very terharu...ni Laura yg strict ni..selalu muka tension (yea la, ada sbbnya...ha)...emo?? Haha...

Reen pun terkejut..tak sempat lari jugak..hahaha

So, since the name on top of the cake is not my real name...hmmm.....so, I make a wish according to my glamour name also la.My glamor name exists because of Stacy Frenz...so..guess? guess? what was my wish? Hahaha...well, if it's come true that will be the most memorable birthday year of mine. And that will be the lucky star I brought for Stacy Frenz, which I am hoping high for it.

I was very surprise tau sbb ada hidangan. Mase I tanya Kos, dia ckp for all of us..I thot for supper...tapi terlintas juga fikiran kenapa mewah sgt hidangan ni..but laura mmg tak suspect langsung! 

Now I tgk balik, I lapar pulak skrg.
Gift of Love (Heart & Flower) from Reen and Riana. Thank you. 

Anyway, Thank You, Stacy Frenz.

Note: Hmm...I just wish Okf was there too. Sbb Laura mmg dah anggap Okf mcm adik sendiri.


Yippeeee...I'm going Home!

Sweating palms...waited patiently. A file was pulled up and ticked..it was been filed. Yippeeee....my lady boss approved my leave! Yes, that's the way to know if our leaves (myself and another colleague) were approved. If not my lady boss will not file and leave the leave form on her tray.

So, I called back home and informed my mom the good news. I will be leaving home tentatively on 16 Aug. And I probably linger in KK until 23 Aug, which mean approximately 1 week! I miss home so much!

However, the funny thing is I cant stay more than 10 days...or I will get very, very bored. More than 12 years in KL, I think I just finally got use to the fast pace lifestyle of KL. Imagine that on Monday when I got home just to get ready for cooking which finally cancelled by my husband, I was just sitting in the living hall began from 6.30pm until 11pm I felt tired just being relax and starring at TV!

Anyway, KK is a fun place to be relax. I just can't wait to go home jalan-jalan and cari makan. Then meet up  with Stacy Frenz committee of KK and of course attending the Charity Consert at Pusat Kebudayaan Penampang where Stacy will perform. Oh ya, it will be her birthday on that day.

If you are from KL and want me to send birthday present to Stacy, just drop me a message. I will arrange to pick up the presents - love from Stacy's fans from Semenanjung!



牡羊座: 衝動第一名,做事後悔第一名,火氣大第一名,大膽第一名,敢愛敢恨第一名。

金牛座: 穩重第一名,節檢第一名,貪財第一名,可靠第一名,吃苦耐勞第一名。 Yes ah, sis?? :P

雙子座.: 八卦第一名,聰慧第一名,Crazy第一名,幽默第一名,多話第一名。

巨蟹座.: 體貼第一名,愛吃第一名,愛家第一名,孝順第一名,多愁善感第一名。 My bro, correct ah? Mcm btul je ni...hahaha..
獅子座: 自信第一名,愛現第一名,要面子第一名,品味第一名,風度第一名。 mmm....No comment..
處女座: 細心第一名,挑剃第一名,愛乾淨第一名,小題大做第一名,吃醋第一名。 100% correct for my hubby..huhuhu.. 

天 秤座: 愛美第一名,猶豫第一名,懶惰第一名,善辯第一名,公正第一名。

天蠍座: 癡情第一名,扮酷第一名,魅力第一名,冷冰冰第一名,理智第一名。Daddy cool! LOL

射手座: 貪玩第一名,糊塗第一名,可愛第一名,勇於嘗試第一名,心無城府第一名。

摩羯座: 嚴肅第一名,鎮定第一名,忍耐第一名,認真第一名,保守第一名。

水瓶座: 好奇第一名,好學第一名,創意第一名,另類第一名,創造力第一名。 Mummy! LOL

雙魚座: 心軟第一名,敏感第一名,多疑第一名,愛作夢第一名,胡思亂想第一名。


Too happy La

I am very happy for the past few days. So happy happy that I keep on makan, makan and makan. After last night, only the I realise I had junk food as dinner for the past few days! Oh no!

31 July - Kenny Rogers - sempena hari jadi! Mash potatoes and Macaroni Cheese my fav!

My Birthday Present..what is inside?
....is Amous Famous!
Actually laura don't mind at all...my request for birthday from my husband has been very simple..Kenny Rogers and....
foot massage!
My husband finally learnt. Just don't give me something I don't like or expect me to appreciate it if I don't like it. When I said I don't want or I don't like..I really mean it.  

So, others things that I gulped down my stomach the whole week...
01 Aug - Marry Brown - also sempena hari jadi!
02 Aug - Starbucks Cafe Latte, and Hokkien Mee
03 Aug - Laksa Penang + Jagung + Apam Balik dari Pasar Malam
04 Aug - Bubur + Telur Masin + Black Bean Mackerel Fish - ni my husband punya pasal la...rush me  back home to cook, sampai rumah tunggu punya tunggu, kul 8 call canx dinner...so, sy makan ni je...huhuhu
05 Aug - Nasi Lemak from a stall below my apartment

Now my stomach is burning...Tak cukup minum air! But for now, I am still whistling happy tune. Why? Hehehe..is multiple good news leh...Ahakz.

Lastly...hehehe..ni laura tak sempat update...


Spot the difference from the last entry? Ya..it took me number of days to get use to it...my mom may not  approve this but it's already done!...Confession..This my first time..wekekeke...


Reaching the Sky

Yesterday, I spotted something that sparks my interest. It is something that I like. And yet I couldn't touch it or go near to it right now. Sigh...I need to wait a year or two for that. But I I can't help but feeling sad. What can I do now? Just quietly improve myself in every aspect. But by then, would I be qualify for it? I don't know. I wouldn't want to jump, to run, or even to walk slowly towards it. Just close my eyes and make about turn and walk away.  If it is proved that  it  is mine,  it will appear in front of my very eyes one day. Then I know  it  is time and opportunity for me reaching for the sky. 


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