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Judges & Bloggers Review on Stacy's Performance at Concert 8 : Gembira Hidup Ini (OS: Farah AF2) - Still Updating

Mr. Manager

Take a good look at the girl in these pictures. This is the look of someone confident, prepared, vocally poised (despite a sore throat), and mentally strong. Why mentally strong? Out of all the students of AF6, she is the only one who has not crumbled or had a nervous breakdown. Her blur-ness and her straightforward personality are what's keeping her sane and focussed. This is a star in the making. As for her performance, it was kacang for her. She showed even more confidence than before and absolute control of the stage. I would like to see Stacy sing asli next week. That is one genre of music she hasn't been challenged in yet.


Eddy Purnama

Ok i take it back...sorry...hahahahha...tulah bila tengok sambil buat review. I guess with Air Asia everyone can fly. Hahahha...It was nice that they brought her mother, and her mother was so lovely and that would definitely push her votes up. The votes showed that she was leading with a 3% vote and that is how far ahead she was compared to the rest. Stacy is in a league of her own...I have repeated that so many time. If she fails to win, I will lick my shoe, which i will first cover with chocolate syrup. AC Mizal’s guitar playing was so not necessary. I hope he realize that he was making a fool for himself.



Seb baik budak tuh bagus, kalao tak, ngan emo harus la dak tuh affected lak performance dia.

But that's why Stacy rocked all the more!

Walaupon kejutan tak bertempat, baju macam outfit minah jalan jalan kat Centrepoint in Kota Kinabalu (macam kat Phillippines market pun ada) and berbekal lagu yang takyah aku komen lebih, paham sendiri..., Stacy still did well enough to come up with the best show of the night.

Rating :

Verdict : Hope she keeps it up. The best student undoubtedly...

Sultan Muzzaffar

Seperti biasa minggu ini saya masih meletakkan Stacy sebagai persembahan pilihan saya. Saya rasa beliau telah berjaya membawakan lagu tersebut dengan baik. Lagu tersebut kurang mesra di telinga penonton tetapi berjaya disampaikan dengan cemerlang. Lebih hebat apabila beliau berjaya mengawal emosinya yang sebelum persembahan diberikan kesempatan untuk bertemu ibunya.

Stacy : Gembira Hidup Ini 9/10

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