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Yippeeee...I'm going Home!

Sweating palms...waited patiently. A file was pulled up and ticked..it was been filed. Yippeeee....my lady boss approved my leave! Yes, that's the way to know if our leaves (myself and another colleague) were approved. If not my lady boss will not file and leave the leave form on her tray.

So, I called back home and informed my mom the good news. I will be leaving home tentatively on 16 Aug. And I probably linger in KK until 23 Aug, which mean approximately 1 week! I miss home so much!

However, the funny thing is I cant stay more than 10 days...or I will get very, very bored. More than 12 years in KL, I think I just finally got use to the fast pace lifestyle of KL. Imagine that on Monday when I got home just to get ready for cooking which finally cancelled by my husband, I was just sitting in the living hall began from 6.30pm until 11pm I felt tired just being relax and starring at TV!

Anyway, KK is a fun place to be relax. I just can't wait to go home jalan-jalan and cari makan. Then meet up  with Stacy Frenz committee of KK and of course attending the Charity Consert at Pusat Kebudayaan Penampang where Stacy will perform. Oh ya, it will be her birthday on that day.

If you are from KL and want me to send birthday present to Stacy, just drop me a message. I will arrange to pick up the presents - love from Stacy's fans from Semenanjung!

Kos Serani  – (Monday, August 25, 2008 12:45:00 PM)  

Where is your KK trip staory? waiting for pic n interesting story from KK

Laura Austin  – (Thursday, August 28, 2008 10:37:00 AM)  

Ya la, ya la....adddooooiii...give me sometimes...will update soon

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