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Stacy Frenz Chatroom went Frenzy and My Wish Fulfilled!

Kos called me in the evening when I was still in the office. He asked me to pick up Stacy and bring her to Bangsar! My heart went wild in excitement. Oh my gosh! Stacy gonna sit in my car!!!I couldn't believe it.

It was only soon at 9.45pm, Kos called me to meet up at another place instead. He informed that Stacy was sicked and wouldn't want to travel far. Aahh...luck just not on myside. :(

So, there you go, the pictures shown below was where we met up with Stacy along with her sister, Cherry as her PA and the Maestro guy, Wan, who is in charge to take care of her that week, I guess.

So, this was the present prepared by Kos on behalf of Stacy Frenz. Guess what is inside?

As Stacy walked into the restaurant and was spotted wearing pink sweater, she immediately shook hands and say hi to everyone she met. She has never failed to give her inexpensive smile even though she was having fever that night. Stacy asked for Maggie Laksa Soup. Unfortunately, the restaurant only serves Maggie Curry Soup. Stacy didn't take her dinner because she didn't have the appetite to eat earlier on.

After she made herself comfortable, I am honored representing Stacy Frenz to present her the gift of Love. Wah! She was very happy.

While you guys were waiting for Stacy to be online, Stacy was awed to see the number of people waiting 'patiently'. The moment she tapped the keyboard, you guys attacked the chatroom like honey bees..like my baby-T..hehehe. The chatroom went frenzy and the carpet of Stacy Frenz Chatroom has never been so happening! I saw the Moderators of the night were shouting on top of their lungs and trying to control the overwhelming fans. Ganas la kamu ni! And kudos to the Moderators!

Oh ya! We did show Stacy the Stacy Frenz blog. Stacy likes it very much especially when she saw Stacy Frenz T-Shirts! She praised the creativity of the designs. She also visited Kos blog. Hmm...

This is the picture when Stacy and Toi were about to leave. Toi dropped by the restaurant. He is a nice and relax guy just like in the diary, very friendly and there is no cool air in him. Toi was sicked too and his face was paling off that night.

While we were happy to meet Stacy, we almost forgot to take pictures together with Stacy. Haha...

Despite being sick, Stacy still managed to put up a beautiful smile and posed cutely for the picture taking.

After they all left the restaurant, it was like someone snapped the fingers and I instantly woke up from the dreamland. It was then I realize I brought a magazine and 2 posters with intention to have Stacy sign on it and gave them to my two dedicated staff. I wanted to surprise them too. I was planning it in my head but gone when I saw Stacy. Frankly speaking, I was 'tersengih-sengih' the whole night long and couldn't remember what I did that night. Oh my gosh, all I could remember Stacy was there with us. She was in my wish list and fulfilled.

After seeing her in person, my opinion about her is still the same before meeting her last night. She is humble, mature, happy go lucky and strong determination. Male fans would puppy love and crazy about her; the girls would want to be her friend; the brother or sister status would want to protect her; the parents would want her to be their daughters. Yes, she is a Sunshine.

Well, we do hope to meet Stacy again in the near future, perhaps another meeting or event with a better venue as well as Stacy in healthy condition. Till then, she informed us that she was so busy until her schedule is full for the next 3 months, at least.

The day before meeting us, she was recording her new songs for her album. I guess it will be out soon!

So guys and girls, if you love Stacy buy her album in original copy ya!

Oh ya! Thank you, Andru, for the pictures, credit them to you. It was an important night and I forgot my camera too.

Heartless Devilish  – (Thursday, June 12, 2008 8:07:00 PM)  

huwarghhh...jeles jeles..
kenot meet stacy...
sob sob sob

ann  – (Thursday, June 12, 2008 8:14:00 PM)  

Sis Laura... im so jealous !! its ok laura... dont feel guilty k.. next time .. kita jumpa stacy... i will get her sign!!! and take photo 2gether.. lalalala... that my wish! hahaha

NaNiNaNi  – (Thursday, June 12, 2008 10:35:00 PM)  

Hi I've put my wishlist and embed on my blog too. Hope it will come true when my friends sees it :) Check it out this web widget www.mulist.com

Laura Austin  – (Friday, June 13, 2008 2:14:00 PM)  

Haha Ann...think you will be the best person to assist me! This SU can be 18 years old in some occasion. hehehe...

Laura Austin  – (Friday, June 13, 2008 2:15:00 PM)  

Naninani...ohh tq..I have been searching for widget..I love widgets! Thank you :)

Laura Austin  – (Friday, June 13, 2008 2:17:00 PM)  

Heartless Devilish..I was expecting you to be there! As I mentioned in my blog, I couldnt remember what I did that night except Stacy...hehehe...I could have ask Kos. Anyway, it was an add hoc nite out..I have to cancel my cooking dinner of night with my hubby..

Kos Serani  – (Saturday, June 14, 2008 7:31:00 PM)  

Laura, we do our best for her, tired,tension,emotional...right? but all paid off by her friendly,humble attitude and keep on smiling at us right???

Laura Austin  – (Saturday, June 14, 2008 8:32:00 PM)  

Actually, Kos, I want to salute the pioneers like you. There are more people deserve to meet Stacy in person...especially those supporting from the start.... :)

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