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Laughter, Bubbling, Teasing, Happening - Sign of Friendship Blooms in Stacy Frenz

Last night was fun and happening. :) Stacy was in better shape of health now. She appeared chattier than the last 2 times we saw her.

She was so ceria that she injected lighter and happier mood that jangkit the whole gin bang of us. The whole table constantly ruptured with laughter and bubbled with some excited pitches and teasing. Stacy Frenz chatted like as if we know each other for a long time. True facts, some of us met each other for the first time. Friendship does bloom among us. That is the purpose and existing of Stacy Frenz, isn’t it, Kos? :P

Unlike the previous gathering, this time around there was webcam. I am not too sure some of you can hear what Stacy said in front of the webcam or not. But she constantly made jokes or dropped lines that caused us burst into laughter. Her telatah are exactly like those in the diary. She is so cute! :D

So, as usual, savour yourself with the pictures. Credit all pictures to Reen, a blogger cum photographer. We seem depending on her ‘Nikki’ a lot. :)

Pssss....you know, it was another ad hoc gathering again...so some of us rushed to the gathering place after work..so..ahemm...ade yang tak mandi dan berbau busuk the whole day... :P

I didn't notice this picture until just now. I posed like a model for watch advertisement kannnn. Wakakaka..

Stacy was on the phone and her sister helped her to type a few lines.

Me and Kos. Actually...hmmm....I held up my arm to put a peace sign behind Kos's head. Tak nampak pulak...hehehe..that's the cheeky side of me..

Joe Klubbkidd was doing the setting for chatting at the other table. So, 'Nikki' focused and diam-diam snapped his picture from the side of the divider.

Oh! I love this picture the best! Cute sangat la Stacy's expression of Wah! Reen actually stood on the chair to give such an effect on the caption. Kudos to you, girl!

Stacy was also attacked by fanz through phones. A lot of wishes and 'I love you' from fans.

Stacy & her sister, Cherry made faces.What an expression!

For related story go to Joe Klubbkidd, Kos, Reen and Adrin. And also don't forget to visit us at Stacy Frenz blog. Some of them may yet to update their blog, so bear with them ya. Aiya, all kerja ma...but they are all dedicated AJK/volunteers who have sacrifice a lot of their personal time for Stacy FC and Stacy Frenz. So, if you have a chance to meet them, just say thank you and they will feel happy and appreciated, right?

shaofie  – (Saturday, June 21, 2008 12:57:00 AM)  

wheres my pic...
sad maa :(

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