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Ahhh…My Favourite Chocolate Price Gone Up! Starbucks & Nescafe..cut, cut, cut the cost away!

With the recent increase of petrol price, every other daily item seems to be having the chain reaction. One of the items price increased is chocolate.

I don’t eat chocolate often. But there are times I really crave for it particularly when my ‘sister’ visits me monthly. And I only eat certain brand and favour. Among the chocolates that I love is the Cadbury Black Forest. Only Black Forest.

Before the increment of the price, I could easily afford RM2.40 – Rm2.60 for a bar of chocolate depending on the stores that I visit. I limit myself to the small chocolate bar. Reason? If I got my hands on the big bar, I could finish it in one night. No jokes!

And tonight, I craved for it again I drove out to the nearest 7 Eleven store nearby my house just get my hand on it. To my surprise, the chocolate now cost me RM2.90. I wanted to complain but I couldn’t. All I could do was to walk straight to the counter and pay for it, and rushed out before I sulked in front of the counter girl.

The recent petrol price increase affected many people lifestyle including me. One of my lifestyle is patron Starbucks outlet almost every week. There are times I patron the outlet more than 3 days in week as I want to follow up my work or surfing net leisurely till midnight.

Now, I really feel the pinch. I have to cut down such luxury expenses this month onwards. As an alternative way to save cost, I am currently scouting at the current telco broadband in the market. Yet, I drag about it because I do enjoy sitting in the Starbucks outlet. I feel free not having trap myself in the house and not having to ‘layan’ my husband calling for help “dear, dear…where is my stocking…” while I am typing away. Grrrrrgh...often my ideas stop because of him. And yes, I am grumbling about him right now. Well, husband mah…I can’t ignore him right?

Another item that I may have to forgo is Nescafe. I can survive without having my breakfast in the morning but I couldn’t let go of my Nescafe. Every morning, I would stop by the sundry shop to buy a can of Nescafe. Last year, it cost me only RM1.60 or RM1.70 a can. Due to the increment of general dairy products, a can of Nescafe now cost me between RM1.80 to RM2.00. While I don’t mind paying for it this past few months but now I have to reconsider it. I might as well just do my own Nescafe at home and pack it to consume during the morning jam along MMR2.

Whatever it is, this sad scenario is just a beginning. Perhaps we should listen to Pak Lah to live life moderately. Or are we choosing the right government?

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