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Wah! Terlebih Sudah, Stacy (Frenz)! - Updated!

Ok...I don't have any intention to do this. But I really tak puas hati la. Malu aku! So, saje nak balas dendam. Ohhh...I am sporting...all for fun and jokes cum entertaining everyone. So what is the story that until put I Okfind as a top story and siap with 'make up'? Find out yourself.
TOP STORY: Okfind yang cute...Puas hati aku...dah balas dendam....wakakaka
 Image Remove after some plead from the main actor. :P Sorry dear, busy sangat sis ni.

Top story 2: Reen excused herself for toilet break. Suddenly she came back with a gulung of toilet paper. Riuh oooohhh....we teased and laughed and snapped picture of her wiping her feet with the tissue she brought back. Anyway, we also tumpang pakai la...hahaha

Ha...Reen and Toilet Paper in the Concert????
Ok..Back to the Wall's Cornetto Love Sparks Concert.I stayed at home whole afternoon to complete my house chores. My husband threaten me that if I did not complete them, grounded. Wah! me cepat2 and rajin2 clean the house, mop the floor, put clothes for laundry etc, etc...By 530pm, I was done with make up, clean and tidy baby-T which I abandon for a long time. Yea la, after married, my body went horizontal...huhuhu...Nevertheless, it still fit. Just smaller in size. Wah! What am I membebel ya? Confuse myself too...Ahaks!So, I stopped by Reen's place and plan for a lumber party after concert. Sorry, only girls ya. We left the Reen's place around 630pm and Ann F-One her small little blue Kelisa through the horrible traffic jam in KL with aftermath of rain. I was in total lost because I am not sure where was I and jalan yang mana satu Ann tembus until into pasar, pedestrian...then to the town and highway and finally reached Padang Merbuk safely. Phew!

Me, Myself and...Wall's Cornetto Love Sparks Concert
So, we masuk padang and saw a group of Stacy Frenz members. Some of them shy shy although we chat friendly in the chatroom and YM. Nevertheless, we were very santai. We thought the event going to start at 730pm. But the concert started at 9pm!!!!! Lapar kita semua orang! Myself, Reen and Ann were so hungry that we sanggup bayar ice-cream cost RM3.00 each! and Kos later told us he ate 3 sticks of ice-creams!! Hahaha...we became hungry wolf because all went without any meal or dinner.It was aftermath of rain the padang was in lumpur. I regretted wearing my kitty white heels. Anyway, after the concert we all took pictures of our shoes to proof that we were inthe concert and still stay to support Stacy! Alamak! Terlebih Sudah.Stacy performed after Dafi and Gita as ambassodor of Wall's Conertto for the opening and Mila next sang her first song. Then Stacy joined Mila for duet "Dancing Queen". I couldn't help myself but stood up and dance with Reen. Maklum la, this song was 70's disco..you got to dance along with it and my one of my favourites as well.Stacy then continued her performance and entertained us with "Aku Stacy" and "Makluk Tuhan Paling Seksi"! Wah! Love it. She is really a Dancing Queen. Young and Hip. Real and true to herself.

Proof of Puddle of Mud by the Power Puff Girls!

New friends of mine, Ann and Reen. The first time we met, we chat as if we know each other for a long time. Ann posed cutely for the candid camera of mine.
So, we stayed until 10pm after Estranged performance and Stacy Frenz got to move to another spot.Yup, another important event: EXCO Meeting.Before that, we met at the entrance and nicely riuh and huha the place by taking pictures with the banner Kos brought along for the concert. Kita semua pun terlebih jugak la...hahaha

We met at the right entrance of the concert. We were so excited after Stacy's performance that we took picture with the banner and continue to promote Stacy as Dancing Queen. Wah! Terlebih Sudah, Stacy Frenz!
For the sake of commitment, all exco turned up for the meeting. Well, what was the meeting all about? I wish I could tell you here, but as a secretary, I have keep my mouth zip and hold the information temporarily. Ooppsss. That's reminds me...I got to go...kena siap minutes..Kos will after me sooner or later...larikkkkkk....

Old Wine, New Bottle of Stacy Frenz's new line up Executive Committee.
One last sentence, the meeting finished around 1.30am with all of us bercengkam mata. But still riuh when we left the place. Some us stay ed back and have another round mamak session until 4am. Lumber party? All slept without a sound or single movement at all.

Heartless Devilish  – (Monday, June 30, 2008 11:43:00 PM)  

adeh..persal itu toilet paper pun masok..
aku curik tau dari toilet bergerak itu!

Kos Serani  – (Tuesday, July 01, 2008 9:41:00 AM)  

Right combination or various committee members...all the best

ann  – (Tuesday, July 01, 2008 9:24:00 PM)  

hahahaha.... sian okf!! hahaha

Kos Serani  – (Tuesday, July 01, 2008 9:55:00 PM)  

Adoi...sakit perut aku ketawa guling2 tengok pic Okfind tu keh keh keh

Okfind88  – (Wednesday, July 02, 2008 12:31:00 PM)  

haiyaaaaaaakkkkkk..mmg membara ni..ahaks....wah...dendam ag ni..ahaks..tgula kemunculan sis laura yg baru..ahaks..jgn mara bha....ekekekekeke

Laura Austin  – (Wednesday, July 02, 2008 1:55:00 PM)  

jgn ko buat hal lagi...kena bom blog ko nanti!!!!!!

Okfind88  – (Tuesday, July 08, 2008 12:28:00 PM)  

ekeke..sis3x...ble la mo remove..suda manyak ari ni trtangguh..ekekeke..

Laura Austin  – (Wednesday, July 09, 2008 3:26:00 PM)  

sorry..okf...sis bz sgt..dah sampai yg mau volcanics...dah remove ye, sayang.. :P

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