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Stacy the Champ of AF6!

I hope is not too late to write about this. Anyway, Stacy is still hot in the market...:)

In the past seasons of AF, I would selectively choose the concert of the week. More often, I tuned out the TV when the singing and performance were totally out. Or I would just watch the final concert just to know who won the title of the Season. And yes, I have had never vote anyone during those seasons.

Stacy won my heart. I tumble upon the first concert of AF6 when she sang “No One” by original artist Alicia Keys. I thought, well, not bad. At least she didn’t sing off key or unpleasant to the ears of mine.

Subsequently, I miss the second concert. I didn’t bother to watch the video clip in youtube either.

Then, I watched the third concert with rock theme. Stacy was okay with “Pelesit Kota”, however, I was more impressed with Mama Rina performance. Mama Rina showmanship was superb. Period.

Again, I miss the following concert and straight way watched the fifth concert where it was Stacy’s best performance, “Makluk Tuhan Paling Seksi”. I was hooked and impressed by her. It ignited me to watch all her past performance. At that moment, it dawned to me that “Wow! She is a performer.” “Rela” was one of her best songs. Since the, I have been religiously following the entire AF6 concert until the final just to watch Stacy’s performance. And yes, I voted for her with my supposed allowance and claims.

Frankly, I have never heard “Makluk Tuhan Paling Seksi” before. I left the local entertainment since secondary school. I have been sticking to international music particularly those of American music. During my years, I can only remember Sheila Majid, Francisca Peter, Dato’ Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Jamal Abdillah, Emma, Alleycats and Allayarham Sudirman. Those were the good old voice like wine soothing your vine. The last local album I bought was Zainal Abidin “Hijau”. Since then I have stopped following the local music scene. Only Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza tattooed my heart all the way particularly her single “Cindai”.

Anyway, I was extremely happy that Stacy sang one of my all time favourite song “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. This song may not be very hard to sing. However, the way she sang in her own interpretation of emotion sent goose bump on me all the way.

I was very impressed with Stacy’s performance “Gembita Hidup Ini” although it wasn’t one of my favourites. Should you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will realize that this song required variation of emotion and Stacy did it excellently.

While she failed to delivery “Beat it” and was criticized. She didn’t meet the expectation of the judges. To me, her English was flawing. To her fans, her energy on the stage was, nevertheless, superb. At least, she didn’t mime the song! It was a classic song and for God sake it was MJ song! Her fans was stomaching in tight knots and cold sweating for her that week. Thank God, she got into final.

In the final concert, Stacy did it again. Since concert 6, her performance has been relatively stagnant. The final week I saw her elevated her performance particularly when she sang “Aku Stacy”. She brought out the character of the song excellently. Wow! I watched it over and over again youtube and I got addicted to it.

Stacy didn’t disappoint her fans and won the title Juara AF6. Everyone is relieved especially her fans. As for myself, I was practically jumping up and down in excitement in my own living hall. Very much later, I regretted not going to the concert itself. To certain, I tear because finally and finally representative of Sabah for AF won. And I tear, for once, after so many seasons of AF, someone like Stacy deserves to win the title.

While everyone is excited with her achievement, but for me, her journey as a singer and, not to mention as a great performer, has just begun.

In my opinion, she has just set a certain standard to the AF contestants for the next season. The selection is going to be tougher than before. Which mean to say, if Stacy can do it i.e. being a good student and taking every opportunity to learn from her ‘mentors’ to the max, why not the others?

Henceforth, the next upcoming ‘AF Stars’ are going to be challengers to Stacy as well as to those have established themselves as AF Stars.

Whatever it is, I wish Stacy all the best in her undertaking. Wish her good luck with many, many lucky stars fall on her while sailing her path in the music industry.

She is in one of my wish list: To meet her in person.

And for now, I am beginning to miss her already.

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