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Hectic Week and Forward

Just want to update some of the 'drama' that I didn't manage to put up throughout the last week. I was kind of off balance between my office work, stacy frenz work and husband at home. All of sudden I realise I need the U Mobile in super urgency.

I have been waiting eagerly for U Mobile that I had negotiated with my hubby for months. Yeah, I need to negotiate with the financial controller of the house. Once I get the U Mobile then I can balance my house chores and Stacy Frenz work within the compound of my house. Suffering la without internet connection at home. And I hate wiring that's why I have never applied any streamyx till today.

So, how hectic was my schedule last week? Please read through...


My dad was in town since Thursday, I have yet to visit him due to busy schedule during the weekend. My dad merajuk so I have to meet him for dinner and spent a little bit of time with him in the evening. By the time I reached home it was already 12 midnight.


I was extremely pissed off with certain issue happened that day that I blasted my frustration in my blog entry. Dark mood clouded by rain and thunderstorm over my head the whole day. I really did not want to layan anyone. I surfed internet and spent sometimes with myself at Starbucks at my office building till 12 midnight again.


Although my mood was under the weather, I managed to pull it off by the time I met Stacy Frenz members. We had a great time at Nailis Ampang Point. My moodiness gone after I passed the posters to Ann and Shaofie. Seeing their happy faces made me went all mush mallow inside.

Shaofie & Ann held up their posters signed by Stacy last weekend.


I thought I could rest today and did some cooking for my husband, did some house chores (Kain dah bertimbun), and rest my brain since I have been out and came back late midnight. Then Kos SMS me. Darn. When job on calls I couldn't find any excuse to push it although I was exhausted. To please my husband I did offer to cook at home before I left for the gathering. But the office work was so much that by the time I left office was 7pm. So, I have to cancel my cooking session. Luckily my husband is an understanding person. Anyway, the gathering so happening that I was glad that I turned up for the show.


Actually, this week was the worst week in the office. I have to attend meetings, pending work reports and read reports that have been collected for the past few days. My lady boss was chasing me for the tasks that needed to be settled before she left for an important meeting with our President and Minister in Terengganu on Sunday. In fact this week onwards till mid July, my work schedule is going to be hectic because we are in the midst of preparing for the arrival of a German delegate for an important audition. After an exhaustive day, luckily my husband didn't ask me to cook.

This is my workstation. It was really messy and everything went upside down by end of the week.

So, I had my stickie to remind myself to do a major clean up by early this week.


I terlantar on my bed and slept almost the whole day. It was my second day of my 'sister visit'. I couldn't sit or stand for very long. The best position for me is to lied down and rest. Another day without cooking.


I managed to perform a few house chores. By evening, I met my friends in Starbucks with jolly mood.

I forsee I will be as hectic as hell for the coming week. Nevertheless, I feel I am living to the fullest of life. I just need to adjust a few 'angles' and everything should run smoothly as ever. So, have a nice week ahead!

ann  – (Wednesday, June 25, 2008 2:23:00 PM)  

wahhhhhhhhh.. my pic kena kidnap! hahaha.... thanks lora.. luv u !!

Kos Serani  – (Thursday, June 26, 2008 12:51:00 PM)  

Uhh...very busy week ya, U can become superwomen lol

Laura Austin  – (Friday, June 27, 2008 3:37:00 PM)  

ya...my brain jam jam up already...huhuhu..

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