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Meeting Stacy Again!

Last Saturday, it was another ad hoc meeting with Stacy and her sister, Cherry without the Maestro guy. So, those who went and met up with Stacy were really enjoyed mingling with her.

When we met her, Stacy was still ill. Stacy Frenz frowned and concerned about her health condition. Stacy told us that she was about to recover but got ill again on Friday.

As much as we want to see Stacy success in her singing career as well as getting to know more people through various social networking or functions, she will need time adjusting herself for such a drastic change of environment. Adding to that, her busy schedule doesn't spare her from getting a full rest. Stacy, as we know in the AF diary, will not complain, refuse or throw tantrum to other people when she is sicked. She will abide almost all request professionally and remain friendly.

Speaking from my own experience, I was ill for the first three months in KL until I lost weight of 5kg. Reason being was that I need to get use to the change of environment and food. I believe Stacy is going through similar process. Added to her full schedule ahead, she has never seem to recover fully from her current condition.

Anyway, Stacy asked for cake and ice cream suddenly. I looked and smiled at her , "Ini memang manja sakit,kan. Masa kita sakit banyak benda kita tidak patut makan tapi tiba-tiba mau makan, kan?" She just laughed her head off and said "Ya".

Then Cherry got a slide of chocolate flavored ice cream cake for her. She managed to eat a quarter, then push it to Cham and Reen to finish the remaining. Wah! Untungnye Reen and Cham shared the same cake with Stacy.

So, Joe Lee Klubbkidd finally turned up to our meeting. A quick glimpse, I saw his black nails polished and well groomed. Then I looked at my own nails automatically and thought instantly, maybe I am not feminine enough. Hahahaha... :P

After some persuasion, Stacy agreed to go to clinic, accompanied by Cherry and Joe. Frankly speaking, we were all relieved. She needs antibiotic. Medicine alone is not good enough for her.

So, following are the pictures taken during the meeting session with Stacy. All pictures (mixtures) credited to Reen. More pic at Adrin webiste, sorry, 'malas' want to download. It took a lot of my waiting time. My camera was not working at the very last minutes,so, I got to depend on their camera caption. So, savour yourself with these pictures. And Stacy was especially 'manja' that afternoon.

Stacy was holding the doll, a gift from Reen, throughout the 2 hours with us

All of sudden Tanakwagu and Reen were targetting Stacy shoes. But I found it rather artistic.

This is the ice cream cake that I had.

Still holding the doll even though she was chatting with fans. It was an ad hoc meeting and we didn't announce the chatting with Stacy officially. So, she can chat at her own pace since the carpet is not as 'laju' as that night. So, those regular chatterz were so happy to see her online.

There is another picture similar to this. Somehow I like this one better because I like to see the candid look of Stacy.

Laura Austin  – (Tuesday, June 17, 2008 1:10:00 PM)  

Definitely cute that afternoon...usually I will tease senselessly those younger than me...but somehow with her I just don't have the heart. :P My heart was all warm and full of love for her.

shaofie  – (Tuesday, June 17, 2008 1:15:00 PM)  

kak laura n reen...
saye je yg x join...
klu x, happening tmpt tuh...
sedih jee.. :(

Laura Austin  – (Tuesday, June 17, 2008 2:22:00 PM)  

Shaofie, you will have opportunity when times come, k? :)

Kos Serani  – (Wednesday, June 18, 2008 5:35:00 PM)  

Laura... I should ask her the cake but shy heh heh heh, should bring her to our station Starbuck,next time...so I can enjoy my Capuchino n cheese cake

Laura Austin  – (Wednesday, June 18, 2008 7:05:00 PM)  

Alamak! Kos terlepas pulak..aiya should 'fight' with Reen and Charm..Untung wor...but Reen dah kena demam dan selsema from Stacy.. :))

Ya, we should bring her somewhere better when she recovered...Tak sempat pulak ask her favourite cake...

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