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I Want to Lie Flat on My Table!

Morning 8.30 a.m.

Ok...my schedule is so tight that I am so stressed and I could have snapped people anytime. My lady boss is chasing me for various form of reports, claims to be prepared latest by Friday. Why? My Dato' president will be here in KL arriving from Terengganu on Friday morning. So, my lady boss, as always, will get tense. Hence, she will make everyone tense in the office although there are only three little kuchy kichy meow ladies here. My office is small in size with dont know how many square feet but big enough to have a meeting room to fit about 15 people. What is really inconvenient and uncomfortable for me is the phone conversation can be heard by all. Damm it. Ahaks, please excuse my French.

Aik? I am so busy and why I can still blog now. Because my brain dah beku. I can't push it anymore. I need something light or else I will snap. I am just hoping my lady boss will not shout from her desk and ask for something extra. I have two more reports to go, while I have just finished six reports since Monday. I have to prepare all necessary claims for signatures. All else we cannot pay our suppliers or even getting our paycheck by end of the month.

Noon 12.30pm

Kos suddenly came online when I was struggling to finish my last two reports. (And still not finishing!!Huhuhu...) Dah la my laptop charger just 'kong' the other day and I don't have spare time to go to shop and replace with new one. So, I have to make full use of my time in the office to complete them all. Usually I will bring back to complete it with starbucks cafe latte and ******. Anyway, come back to Kos. He landed me a big, humongous project M with time frame within 2 weeks!!!!!! I almost fell out from my chair. Usually I don't grumble. But my first instinct is to dash out from the door and need a lot ********.

Evening 4.00pm

Cannot tahan already. I went down to take my fresh air and jalan-jalan at 7-E. My report??? Stuck somewhere half a page + a nother report. Conclusion, not moving. Because my lady boss asked me so many questions that I think I am going to blast. Not enough sleep....Huaaaah.... To release my tension, I bought Cheezels, one of my favourite junk food, and crunched in front of my boss.

Evening 6.00pm (Now)

Still struggling. I hope to finish at least this report. I cant bear to see the same content and unmoving. What is the cause of me not able to move my brain as fast as I can?? Hehehehe....see below....

I hope she likes it. Love you, Stacy. We are independent women ya.
picture credit to reen

More pictures?? I tak larat already. Just see yourself at Stacy Frenz Blog.

And yes we are having fun we Stacy. After a few meetings, Stacy familiars with us and start cracking jokes likes friends. Anyway, after all excitement, I reach home 1.40 a.m. Hubby kept on calling me when I was driving. Sampai rumah ironed clothes and mandi. Flat 2.30 a.m. I think I lelap around 3 a.m.

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