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Best of Friends

I was having my lunch alone and my mind drifted. Suddenly, I was feeling sentimental. I miss my friends. Close friends whom I have lost touch for a while. The last gathering with them was somewhere in March this year. Most of them busy with their current work and climbing corporate ladder, sooner or later. We all are from same university but different sponsorships. We are all the babies of 1997 crisis. Terkandus la tu.

Anyway, only myself and another lady, the one in sari are married. She married to a French and now stay in France with a beautiful baby girl.

I think I miss them now because bulan puasa and raya is nearing. And it is time for gathering again. :D

So, pictures below are some of my close and best of friends to share with you all.

Buka Puasa together at Friendster, Damansara Perdana last year....
Me & Erni

Macho Men...Jep & Martin
Kyrel..Mulut dia paling lazer...tapi suke Siti Nurhaliza...ayu katanya 
The pictures below was taken during Ija's Wedding before she moved to France. 

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