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How do You Like My New Hair Style?

Hehehe...ni laura dah bosan ngan rambut panjang. Hubby pun dah push laura cut my hair. Sbb? Rambut laura is every way in the house! Dia vacuum tak larat. So, he gave me money cut my hair. Hiks...

So, huuby didnt tell me when to cut. But ari ni..I just browse website check current new looks. Check punye check..12 pm sharp I dashed out from office. Masuk kedai yg btul2 ciao kia..semua auntie2 la..so, cut punye cut, kena komen berkali rambut laura tebal dan hitam...after 30 mins..wah la! Shingggg.....


How do you like it? hahaha..pictures taken straight after dashed out from the shop to office...hehehe...ni preview je..nanti lepas kerja gi buat highlight pula..sbb kerja tak sempat tadi..so I told the hair dresser I will come back after work. Some of my colleagues, next door associations, surpise to see me. Ha! Ya la, pagi panjang, lepas tgh hari pendek. :P

Laura stress ke ni? Tiba2 je cut hair so short? No la. Mmg laura nak cut tapi tak boleh decide plus mmg bz giler last few months. But once I decide, mcm tadi on the spot I gi gunting, I dont think long and leave everything behind. Tadi I stood up to pay money nampak cuma laura punye rambut, yang dah kumpul beberapa bulan dah.wakakaka... Tebal dan banyak giler.

Anyway,I absolutely love it. :)

Baby Reptilia  – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 3:12:00 PM)  

yer, so nice la your hair. How I wish I could have that style too.. :( but tau la rambut baby sis isn't that soft, tambahan pula, wavy. Ish, jealous jealous j.e.a.l.o.u.s! hehehehehe.. now, I miss you even more seeing your new look :P so, haircut fulfilled... how about the lower part? hahahaha, the body la... ha ha ha ha...

Laura Austin  – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 3:26:00 PM)  

Hehehe...baby sis...you want to know is it? Wait for me..I will tell when I see you..dun run!!! Wakakaka...

Baby Reptilia  – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 3:31:00 PM)  

hmm, now I wonder... hehehe.. ok, not running, sitting tight n still now :P If slim down, I'm not going to give back those shirts n blouses n pants back. hehehehe..

Laura Austin  – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 3:40:00 PM)  

aiya..will not ask back one la...mmg tak boleh masuk already..forget it. Wait until I deliver babby then massive slim down programme...wah! hehehehe..

ann  – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 3:47:00 PM)  

aiyooooO... Lora... u look young la... Nice hair cut! cun! hiks!

Laura Austin  – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 4:03:00 PM)  

:P Ann...ini belum highlight lagi..nanti lepas kerja gi buat..

Anonymous –   – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 6:16:00 PM)  

wahhhh.... bob cut lagi ni. ni yg jeles ni... dah macam rihanna or victoria beckham dah ni... hiks

Baby Reptilia  – (Wednesday, July 30, 2008 9:25:00 PM)  

hahaha.. Victoria Beckham? Oh c'mon, you can come out with someone better. Hehe, my sis looks prettier than any celebrities :P

Laura Austin  – (Thursday, July 31, 2008 3:04:00 PM)  

errr...wait till i upload new pics...after highlights...hmm..not sure if u like it...

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