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Stacy in AF6 Reunion Melaka - Ku T'lah Jatuh Cinta

I just watched Stacy's performance in AF6 Reunion in Melacca through youtube. I just want to give 2 thumbs up for her. Excellent!!! Malatop!!! She wasted no time to show her capabilities - sing and dance at the same time. Energetic. Youthful. All I can say in one word - Menyerlah! Superstar in the making.

Yes, Stacy is a Juara. But she doesn't show her 'keangkuhan'. She makes all her peminat2 happy but showing more of her capabilities. Of course, loyal fans pasti lagi jatuh hati dengan Stacy. It is right embedded in our hearts.

Now she may be just considered as new born artist of Malaysia but looking at her performance in AF6 Reunion, she could easily position herself as Dancing Queen, just as Stacy Frenz and her fans consider her to be.

Anyway, enjoy yourself with this clip extracted from youtube while waiting patiently for the whole program to be shown in Astro. I guess it should be aired during Hari Raya.

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